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Introduction - Perio Pak

  This approach when COMBINED with current surgical procedures enables the periodontist and general dentist to treat a much larger percentage of their patients more effectively .It also enables them to treat non surgically that large percentage of patients who for some reason cannot or will not have surgery so that they can keep most or all their teeth the rest of their lives. Since most non surgical treatment is done today by hygienists and other auxiliaries little or no discussion of surgical procedures is presented. Therefore periodontists and general dentists will have to “put two and two together “so to speak to see how the approach can be used to maximize its potential in their practices.

 The approach is kinder to patients and much more effective than current approaches and methods in many ways. The approach and procedures which I describe are in a book having more than 300 pages that you may down load from this site FREE. If, after reading it , you find it interesting and or useful please down load the material and put it on your own CD . I am urging you to down load the book because I do not know at this time how long I will be maintaining this site and I am most anxious that the material NOT be lost. Please, also encourage your confreres to visit the site. Hopefully they will also find the material of interest.

 The approach and procedures were developed in Canada by 2 generations of periodontists and general dentists over about 70 years and were used successfully on tens of thousands of patients. They are currently being utilized by a small number of dentists in the Toronto area in Ontario Canada. It is not something new or untried though in all probability most of the material will be new to most readers. The book in written in non technical plain English so even patients can understand the material.

 The site has something of interest to every one.

 Patients with advanced gum disease, who for some reason cannot or will not have surgery can learn about a non surgical approach and the procedures that make it possible that will probably enable them to keep most or all of their teeth for the rest of their life. This includes furcation involved teeth.

 Dentists and periodontists can learn how we were able to make a good living doing non surgical periodontal therapy, something not possible using current methods .They will also learn some of the principle reasons why so many surgical sites breakdown again in a few years and what they can do to prevent it happening. They will find out how to get most small pockets (up to 5 mm deep) to heal and why. Of special interest to periodontist is the way our approach to treatment could affect the way patients viewed periodontal treatment and in particular surgery. Current approaches result in patients viewing perio surgery in a very negative way.(60 to 70 percent reject it and those that do have it do so with reluctance). . When treated using our approach in an APPROPRIATE manner many of our patients gradually came to regard it in a radically different way. They came to look on it in much the same way that patients facing hip replacement surgery do, that is as something they needed and wanted in spite of the pain and inconvenience associated with the procedure (this desirable situation can and will be easily and instantly ruined by a thoughtless insensitive or uncaring clinician ).


 Hygienists will learn about non surgical methods for opening pockets 8 to 10 mm deep and enable them to see and remove the most minute pieces of calculus that are safe , require no anesthetic, cause little or no bleeding and make post treatment root sensitivity rare.

 They will also learn how our procedures can enable them to probably double their work output with no increase in effort or more time. This should enable them to ask for and earn a much higher salary.

 Dentists in dental research will have a whole list of new phenomena to study, a number of ideas and theories to study, argue about, develop further or supplant with better ones.

 So, dear reader, read on and enjoy.

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